Personal Growth.

The body grows naturally. One time you were crawling and now you can walk and cross the road on your own. Personal growth on the other hand can go two ways, you allow experiences to teach you or you become intentional about what kind of person you want to be. You happen to life. You don’t let life happen to you.

Personal growth is a journey. It doesn’t happen in one day and also as human beings, we are always evolving. The world is fast-paced and so we have to be always learning and relearning.

Below are some of the guiding standards I intentionally practice everyday.

Attitude is everything in this walk. Attitude can correlate with the power of the mind. How you think has the power to dictate what you allow to happen to you. As a man thinketh so is he.

Goals. Always have an end in mind with everything you do. Setting goals can help you set priorities and also start making steps towards achieving these goals. Sometimes goal setting can be a lot of pressure. But remember you have the power. If it didn’t work out in the target time now you know how to do it better or you have realized you have to start a new journey. Know when to continue and when to give up.

Discipline. This is a habit that is grown by being consistent and intentional about the person you want to become. Discipline is instilled by learning. Also, you don’t have to walk this journey alone. These days we have apps that help us keep track of habits and send us reminders to keep going. Also you could get yourself an accountability partner to keep you in check.

Measurement. Always have moments of self reflection so you can measure progress or the lack of. When you take time off to reflect you can make well thought out decisions and make your personal growth journey progressive.

Consistency. This is very key amongst all for without it no true habit can be formed. The more times you practice something the easier it becomes. Consistency also attracts grace.

This is not the end of the principals if you know one I have not mentioned do add it in the comment section.


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