Faith Over Fear!

What would I do if I was not afraid?

I have a sticky note on my front door with that question. When I am getting out of my house I ask myself this question and then I go out and conquer.

Very many times we miss out on opportunities because we are scared.
Scared of people’s opinions, scared to fail, and 1000 more reasons stored up in our minds.

According to Soukup’s study, the fear archetypes include The Procrastinator, the Rule Follower, the People Pleaser, the Outcast, the Self-Doubter, the Excuse Maker, and the Pessimist.

At some point in life, some of us end up becoming one of those archetypes for various reasons.
Sometimes our fears are valid and indeed they are, but we can not become the truest versions of ourselves if we never take any risks.

And also fear is all in the mind and can be overcome by you changing how you think.

For example, you can think of failures as lessons.
Tell yourself words that positively affirm you.
Speak away negative feelings and put your trust in God.
“For God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and love, and a sound mind.” 

God wants us to be filled with hope and trust, not fear. He has given us hope through the promise that he can uphold us with his strength today.

So Today ask yourself;

“What would I do if I was not afraid?”

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