mind body spirit

Mind body and spirit        

I have been an over thinker for most my life. I literally would overthink my life to ruin.

After making up all these different possible circumstances then I get to the worrying. Not just because of that mention but I have had my portion of mental health issues. I have had over the top anxiety for years, gone through a lot of depression at a point that I spent years living a foggy life of intoxication just to feel and have a glimpse of happiness

I took my power back. Depressing is just a battlefield of the mind. It’s always all in the head so you can actually stop it by changing how think. I had to dig deep within to take my power back. It was not easy and I can’t take all the credit, there was devine intervation. And I can say confidently and genuinely that life has never felt better and been this light. This is when I get to say iwouldnt change my past for it made me the happy strong person iam now. Jesus is Lord.

Iwant to share my life here to let someone know that they are not alone. Most of the time ihad mental issues I really felt like it was just me and it felt lonely. I got peace in understanding there is nothing new under the sun and everyone is going through something. That’s why it is important to be kind and gentle with others. Everyone is fighting a battle in silence.

One of the ways of taking your power back is breaking the cord of family and friends. Some people live there entire lives without ever becoming who they where ment to be. People live by the standards of other’s expectations of them normally close friends  and family, most people never have a self discovery journey of fully understanding and accepting who they really are.

My serene place

You need to go away by your self and feel the love of the universe. And see how beautiful God made everything and everyone. And look at the beauty of the ocean and its changing colours as the day goes by while listening to the sound of the sounds of the waves as the sun goes down. You will feel the connection to the universe and its supernatural essence, you will feel alive and new. Find your serene place, and restore your peace.

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