Body shaming

Growing up as a young girl iwas so lazy, I had no interest in any sport because idint like the hustle. Well idid swimm and played badminton and that is on the school competing teams but honestly these where the least of all sports in school, and that was for the junior level. High school you could not move me to do anything I barely made it for all my class on a daily. Wasn’t that into school and if am being honest I strongly hated the whole system of being locked up and not being able to leave as I pleased. It really used to play me that I couldn’t just up and leave as I pleased and with that attitude I dint participate much in any school activities hence sports. I have always had the love and taste for food and also my mother owned a restaurant so I ate alot of junk food as a kid and when I say alot I mean most of the time at home it was chips and something for meals . Ithink by now we can depict my size, iwas a fat teen and even there after so I always struggled with my weight. I really think iwas traumatised by being abused fat in high school so my last year at university I decided no more fat for me and I enrolled into a gym next to school. At this point in time can’t remember the exact year but probably 2013 booty shorts where popping, it was the trend and being a lover of clothes and fashion I really wanted to wear one and that was the beginning of my weight loss journey.

I have been on this fitness journey for over ten years now and no lie it’s been an on going challenge. Exercising has to be very intentional, if you are like me and you prefer to workout in the morning, every morning is decision making time until it gets conditioned into your system and then it becomes apart of you. I can say that even if it took a while, right now it’s become easier and apart of me. if I miss more than 2 days of working out I literally feel bad and I genuinely miss it. Working out releases stress and frees your mind. It is also body medicine so it heals the body. Every after my workout ifeel better and more energised, I just feel good it’s really food for the soul. Do you want to stay forever young?

Young forever


  1. Hi Gloria. Am one of those people who have seen this journey unfold for you. And yeah you challenge me every single day to get into shape. Thank you.

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