There is nothing new under the sun, its been said so many times, can’t really quote anyone.

It’s amazing how everything is in books and we take that so lightly. People’s work worth lifetimes, a thousand years of follow up research about everything is in books. Ignorance is not bliss, it is death. Myself inclusive, if we read more we would have a better society and we would definitely be more alive and happier because we would get to discover ourselves through this new information. our nature becomes alive when we evolve and we can only do this through studying, learning and getting better daily.

You can’t exercise your freedom if you don’t know you have it! You have to get learned, and that on the daily. You have to know yourself first!

I am that i am, a child of God! How powerful that makes me feel, truly. And so are you.

We love to be free, it’s in our nature. That’s why we were given a will. it’s not by coincidence that we are resistant to rules, that we don’t like to be told what to do. I remember as a kid I used to tell people off that “you’re not my mother” if they told me what to do, it’s never really been good with me to be ordered around, I always asked for an explanation(why).

Funny enough the world has been structured to limit our free will. It makes you wonder why it’s been structured this way. You know, the whole system since childhood of division and classes. Rich and poor, clever and dense strong and weak, religion, status, tribes, race, family. All of these limit the freedom to just be. We have been conditioned to ĺive limited lives. But it is the era of enlightenment, let’s get with the programme, we are one.

Freedom comes from living your truth. You have to stay true to yourself! You are spirit.

Write a stickky note asking your self ” what would I do if i was not afraid” hang it somewhere and look at it once a week and actually think and enternalise on it. Remember fear is not of God

They are not so many things as important as an attitude in life. And we have the freedom to choose our attitude, and hence what we reflect back. Therefore through being intentional and aware we get to influence the future. 

Planning is the beginning of freedom.

When you make plans you feel free and in control. For example the days I don’t make a to do list, I get so anxious and all over the place and end up doing nothing. On the other hand when I make a to do list I am always more relaxed and in control of my day, and I always end up with free time at the end of the day. So I have realised I feel more free when I have planned than when I haven’t.

I am of God, I am unlimited, I am all-knowing, I am all-powerful, I am love.

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