Choose your circle.

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For the longest time, I spent a lot of time entertaining people in my life which drained the spirit out of me.

I felt some form of responsibility to them and therefore tolerated the consequences of keeping them around.

Being this kind of person led me into a deep depression which thanks to  God led me to the journey of seeking purpose that has brought me to a place of awareness and being present for every moment. And that’s why I now think, we should choose who we keep around.

In a 5 am book club which I run, I was enlightened on the importance of being the one to choose the people around me rather than them choosing and me just running along.

People carry different energies and there is a place where we can sense them.

For example, they are people you hang around and leave feeling discontent with who you are and others fill your cup with hope, love and encouragement.

So I beckon you to choose wisely. Choose life.

One more thing you can incorporate is learning how to group your friends, and knowing who to turn to for what. That way you don’t be expecting encouragement from a place of vibes. 

Community is important, the beauty about it is you can choose which community to belong to and this will help you lead to a happy life. 

Be intentional about this and you will experience exponential results.


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