The Law of Prosperity.

Happy New Month People!!

Your words and how you think play a great role in what you manifest in the physical.

It’s key to Have faith and act faithfully. This means that you should believe especially what the Lord says of you.

That you are great, full of power and have the ability to take charge of your life.

You must act as if you have already received it.

You’ve heard of that popular saying fake it till you make it.

And I don’t mean be extreme with the faking. Maybe we can charge the quote to believe it until you make it.

If one asks for success and prepares for failure you will get what you prepare for.

So Even when what you want is not in sight you should prepare for it.

Like you have a dream to be a doctor.

You don’t just become one by dreaming.

You go to school, you study until you become one.

Which means there is a process to becoming. But it starts in the mind.

If you are struggling with a negative mind set.

Make affirmations of truth repeatedly. And I guarantee you. That it works.

Man can only receive what he sees himself receiving.

You have only what is in your mental vision. Hold to your vision and give thanks that the end is clear.

Demand the manifestation of that which you have already received with your word and mind. And add the labor that is required for that faith.

Do just believe and sit down.

Believe and act.

Have faith in what you want

Understanding that it’s already there and it will come through you because God has already given it to you.

Get rid of fear and doubt and then you will manifest.

I recommend the book


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