You are paid for what you master.

I always knew that I wanted to give thanks to my late mum.

She had a popular bar and restaurant business and would take us along with her to work.

I watched her closely and loved how she seamlessly did her work and I knew I wanted to own a restaurant. A seed was planted.

It was not clear then, I remember that I actually first enrolled to do a degree in mass communications but I bless the lord that I was expelled (story for another day) and ended up doing hospitality, that is hotel and restaurant management

Something I desired innately.

And allowing myself to grow in this gift has brought me to this place of contentment.

The road was not easy, I closed my business 3 times but persistence has brought me to where I am today.

With a cooking class cook and eat that is growing and giving me joy.

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I couldn’t be any more grateful.

If you want to be successful don’t seek success, seek to become a person of value.

 The road to mastery is a process with lots of ups and downs but persistence is the key to finally getting there. 

Take one day at a time with that one thing that the lord has blessed you with. Be diligent and intentional and the lord will provide the grace to sustain you.


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