My heart pains for how the world has been divided by labels.

Social classes, education, religion all these things have closed our minds to how much the universe has to offer.

There is constant conflict and a lack of harmony.

If you ever wonder why the biggest vice in our age is comparison we can blame it on how indifference is overly emphasized compared to likeness.

We spend most of our lives working to enter a certain class or staying true to a stereotype that is suffocating us all in the name of fitting in. And then we forget to find ourselves and who God created us to be.

When it comes to spirituality we put God in a box of religion and limit his presence in our lives.

I have since come to understand that God is spiritual and life is spiritual, religion has no place besides just putting limitations to what we can be.

My prayer is that we awaken to the reality of life which is that we are one and God is for us all.


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