The oxford English dictionary defines acceptance as the willingness to tolerate a difficult situation.

However, the important part to focus on is that it’s a choice. The ability to make choices is really what makes us human and so incredible.

Very many times we find ourselves in a state of denial because we are afraid of accepting the truth of what is happening around us. We would rather keep deflecting and avoiding the truth rather than face it because most of the time we think acceptance is a sign of weakness while some of us don’t believee in vulnerability.

I think it’s a courageous action and a hard commitment and that’s why most of the time it’s a difficult thing to do. Accepting things like death, loss, and rejection is daunting and You can’t fake it because your mind will not let you.

I am here to tell you that acceptance is the first step to healing and an opportunity for you to experience life the best way, which is the happy way.

It helps you validate your emotional experience. It doesn’t mean you are approving of the feeling it just means you are naming it for what it is without all the other junk attached.

It helps you give yourself compassion and take effective action so you can move on from that situation.

 I would like to recommend the

I would like to recommend The gifts of imperfection by Brene Brown which will start you on the journey of acceptance of who you are.


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