Focus is becoming a completely lost art in a world of constant interruption and distraction. ~ Essential Mastery

This is possibly the most valuable skill of the times we live in. With so much distraction, social media a lot of activity and energy and resources it so easy to become a jerk of all trades.

Focus will determine the level of achievement you get in life. it helps build momentum, increases productivity and reduces stress because your mind is set towards a specific goal.

Over time I have seen the benefits that focus brings to the table. however, with the economy we currently live in, you find yourself having to do multiple things and it is very easy to get lost in a pool of diverse activity.

My solution to this has been the to-do list. Every morning after my meditation I prepare a to-do list that guides me through my day. on days when I don’t make one I find myself achieving nothing, being very disorganised and frustrated at the end of the day.

This has been my tool alongside being intentional that has kept me on top of my game over the years.

The only way we can be in the moment is if we focus and pay attention to what is happening around us. Focus is another secret to living a fulfilled life.

Below is a set of activities that I found valuable for you to stop being average.

source: pinterest


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