Solitude according to the dictionary is a state or situation of being alone.

I currently live alone and get a lot of time to myself and I must say it has its perks. It’s gets lonely and all,

but the benefits are mind-blowing.

I am blessed to live in an apartment building with a great rooftop view and most evenings and mornings I am blessed to view the sunset and sunrise.

Sometimes I just go up there to take in the beauty of the universe and just be grateful.

The night view from my rooftop.

I have come to realise that most of the epiphany’s on my life purpose and goals have been given to me while alone in those moments while I just stare at the universe.

It’s amazing how many things can be revealed to you when you separate yourself from the hustle and bustle of life.

I checked out some of the benefits of solitude on the Internet and this is what I found;

It Can Improve Concentration and Memory.

It Makes Your Interests a Priority.

It Boosts Creativity.

It Improves Your Relationships.

It Makes You More Productive.

It Makes You More Empathetic

On that note today I urge you to go find some time and separate yourself, go to that place that makes you feel one with creation and just open your arms and receive from the universe.


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