The First half.

Reflection for me has become a habit. I could officially qualify myself as an adult. I mean I’ve been at it a while, 33 now and will be 34 on october 8th.but I can tell you that I personally just arrived, it really wasn’t me before.

At some point I could not place my age. I was stuck in my bubble of 22 enjoying my life.

In the first half of this year, i entered into the second half of my life.

Midlife crisis! What…?

It dawned on me that I spent the first half of my life a reflection of other people’s opinions. I never really was here! I lived on the outside of the physical body and never really paid attention to my inner self.

Baby if you knew me in the first half it wasn’t me, haha.

I always heard people talking about living from the inside out and honestly they frustrated me. It didn’t make sense. From the inside out… I needed an illustration.

When I made a decision to understand and discover my self, certain information came to me miraculously. It took time and intentionality but I finally started to understand what it means to live from with in .

One thing you should know by now is that we are first spirit then body, living from with in is living by the spirit. The positive spirit is peace and love. Before you come out of your house you have to first make peace with all the world. To live from with in is finding time alone to be quiet, to reflect, to meditate, to be intentional, to plan. Living from with in is being aware of oneself and surroundings.

Now I live from with in and its the best time for anyone to ever meet me, because honestly I am meeting me too for the first time everyday and it’s really awesome. I am finally living my life!

Now that we have arrived at the second half of the year I am reflecting, and thinking about what my number one priority this year is. This year I decided that personal growth was going to be my number one chase because I realised I needed to correct and upgrade my character. I enrolled into a leadership course at harvest institute, so that I could meet like-minded people and also for my journey to be structured and evaluated. I can not tell you how awesome this course is because its truly life changing, but I can say if we all did this course we would have a transformation of society for the better. Iam on a journey of growth with a group of intelligent like minded people and I thank God because there is nowhere else I would rather be. I am content and living it up baby!

To more and longer silent alone moments of thinking about nothing.

“Stay still and know I’m God(somewhere in the bible)”


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