Lifestyle plan

Hello my lovelies, today i want to continue with my lifestyle plan, I don’t want to leave out anything so we can be on the same page.

My favourite thing to eat in life has to be avocado. Like if there is no avocado my mood for the food changes. I do carry it to people’s houses when I go to visit just incase they forgot to get some. At restaurants I normally ask if they have some before I order and if they don’t I suggest to them a nearby place to get some. Yes it’s that serious. I love enjoying my food and I really can’t do that with no avocado. Do you get that feeling of as if u haven’t eaten when you eat bad food or when you don’t enjoy your food? Well for me If the food doesn’t have avocado I don’t count that meal like for real, next! I add avocado to my morning smoothie, it’s the main ingredient in my salads, and with my matooke (banana) it has to come along too. They are very many benefits of avocado, its a super food and it contains very healthy oils that are essential for the body. It also contains alot of vitamins and fiber and we can all agree the taste is rich. I feel like you can match avocado with anything and it will make food taste much better. Call me the “Avo girl” because honestly it’s always close to me like my purse.

End of avocado rant.


Avocado for life

I believe in holistic living that’s why I mentioned earlier that my morning routine is a healing process for my body. I believe that what I eat in the morning is medicine to my body and through out the day as well. I try to switch it up so the body is excited and not used, with garlic, green juice( shared the recipe in the previous blog), turmeric with black pepper, alovera, beetroot. You can choose one each day to just rejuvenate your body.

I learnt about the benefits of meditating two years ago and I have improved since then. It has been able to help me connect to my inner self and experience a kind of peace I had never before, and now it’s apart of my morning routine.

As a child of God how can I not mention prayer. As they say “save the best for last”. I surely can’t say how may times I pray a day because am always praying for the Lord to help me with something, but I know I start and end my day with prayer

And that is what I do to align my mind, body and spirit, so that I can go out there and be a star to the world.

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