Lifestyle plan

I get so excited when I come here! I get to share with you guys apart of myself.

Today I want to share with you guys my lifestyle plan; that is from the first thing I do when I get up. It is going to be mostly about what I eat throughout the day.

As I told you earlier I have struggled with my weight all my life, so I have been on most diet plans out there. I noticed that they all where not sustainable for the long run. And also they where so boring so I couldn’t stand them for long. I do workout on the daily most of the time but as we all know exercise only contributes 20% on weight loss 80% is what you eat. I love working out its good all round for my body mind and spirit and that’s why I do it, not for weight loss

Now for weight loss am on a lifestyle plan that ihave created to suit my preferences with awareness to the health benefits. The first thing I put in my stomach when I get up is a cup of warm water, then a clove of garlic that I cut in small pieces then swallow with another cup of warm water. This I do sometimes before or after my work out. When am done working out I will have a protein shake or green smoothie with a fruit. I believe that this morning routine is a healing process for my body systems so am very strick on it. I am a salad freak, so my lunch is normally a salad with a protein and a very small portion of a cab which is normally one boiled potatoe or a meat of choice with lots of greens and salads. I love salads so much I can’t go two days without them, I actually developed a vinaigrette dressing because I just could not find any that was flavour full enough for my taste. If your a salad freak like me look out for glofoods vinaigrette dressing it’s the reason I actually enjoy my salads on a daily. Lately tho am on a plant based lifestyle so I have done away with the meat for the most part. So to keep it interesting iwill have a salad today and the next day I will do local food. I am a muganda from uganda and our traditional staple is matooke. I can’t express how much I love matooke, when it’s made well with banana leaves, steamed well with a box on top with some boiled sauce preferably gnuts which is a peanut sauce. This is one of my favourite meals. So iwill have matooke with a vegetable sauce. Ifind myself to prefer the veggie sauces, that is beans, peas, gnuts, mushrooms. I also love mukene sauce which is silver cyprinid in English. The above are the dishes I go eat according to my craving.

Protein shake recipe

Celery, cucumber, parsley, ginger, carrots and lemon. You can add any fruit of preference for taste.

To make it easy get a jag and make a shake for the week. Then whenever your going to take add a fruit of preference. Having this for breakfast everyday will change your general health and raise your energy levels.

Add alot of fruits and veggies to your plan

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